🌬 The Weather Thread part 2

No wonder Poland is a much richer and more successful country than us and we all have to go over there to find well paid work

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Money isn’t everything princess.

Horrible phrase.

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Not one I’d use very often, this screams of it

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Ok we’re just better in every way than the square headed cunts. Except our ability to deal with snow

They do a lovely smoked cheese.

Absolutely lovely day today which lulled me into a false sense of security on the country roads. Ended up having to hike across two fields


A great march day, serious heat out in patches. The grass will be growing out over the walls with these conditions.

Pissing rain in Waterford. Felt sorry for the poor devils marching in the parade

Just in from a lovely walk and Savage evening out there… Cold but sunny and blue sky. Brady had a great run about.

Tis pure miserable

I’m sick of it.
Getting nothing done here…

Today was a cunt. I thought at one stage there was web developing between my toes

Yesterday was one of the tougher days I put down farming.


Oirish farmer that is destroying the planet giving out about the weather

Zero self awareness


0.02% of global emissions has an effect on the climate?

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The Chinese probably opened a couple of coal fired power stations yesterday.

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Smashing morning here in the capital of the South East Region.

Kilkenny City is a lovely spot alright.

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Wahey! :clown_face::clown_face: