🌬 The Weather Thread part 2

The hottest weather I have ever experienced. Pretty much like this for months. The country is very vulnerable to climate change.

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There’s a serious fog at Dublin airport. Unsurprisingly there’s more Ryanair planes taking off than Aer Lingus

Lovely morning down in Cork Airport :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can the climste change sceptics take note please?

Dowcha @ceist boi :+1:

You could have had 100 likes there but it wasn’t in ya

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I’m afraid you’ve reached this week’s quota for bot interactions


That’s enough for me.

I’m afraid you’ve reached this week’s quota for bot interactions

No bother mate, I read ya loud and clear. Don’t reply if your inference was to say they’re a shower of royalist Cunts

Could be the day of the year lads. Get out and enjoy it

Blitz this morning for the youngsters. Sun cream is going on in generous amount.

We won’t be keeping scores or points but there will be a trophy for most sporting team (who may also have coincidentally won their way to what could be described as a ‘final’ en route).


We can’t even enjoy the good weather on anymore. All sorts of warnings about droughts and staying safe in the sun. Country is losing the plot.


Tactical parking weather.

The auld fella is a master at this. Can roll up to any spot and almost instantly identify the optimum position to park his cage (cc TSG) for maximum shade for the duration it will be left there.

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I’ll need to load up the isotonic drinks in the cooler bag

They have been warning about skin cancer for years mate and hose bans have also been around years

The drought warning is really only for the east, fuck them cunts… worK away bud.

What a day

After the group stages the teams will be streamed to ensure maximum enjoyability for all players

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