🌬 The Weather Thread part 2

I’d always be weary of yellow snow.


Sweet divine Jesus.

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Are you ok?

Shook after that.

Did you experience some extreme weather?

First time I ever recall Thurles not racing

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I did. On the M50.


You have a short memory. It was abandoned last March.

Was that more lies?

Due to rain?

Was the M50 not gritted?

Rain not snow.

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There was an awful catch on the 56 this morning. I just hope there was nobody in the back of one car or there will have been fatalities :slightly_frowning_face:

Damp and miserable in Wexford Town. Sunny and nice 20 minutes away in Rostonstown beach. The South Wexford riviera has a micro climate, convinced of that one.


Shocked Episode 2 GIF by Friends

Im boarding on TNH, can you get steuck bu lightning on astro? Surely the plastic is an insulator?

Maybe more knowledgeable folks can enlighten us

A top, top evening for some motorways driving this evening. Nothing extreme but just constant murk the whole way up the M7. You’d have a pain in your head from all the concentratin’.

The sooner the Greens have us all on some magic interconneted rail solution, the better.


Grand auld flush of spring there today, the pitches badly needed that blasht of sun.

Christ I’m sick of it. Must be the wettest winter of all time