🌬 The Weather Thread part 2

Be majestic out on the boat looking back in today. Enjoy

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A typical May bank holiday,World Snooker final on and the sun splitting the stones.

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Might have passed you in Doolin a while ago. Just back from a smashing half day in Inis Óir. Onto Fanore beach now.


Fab spot. Fell in love with West Clare recently.

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Unreal today. I only just shut my mouth :open_mouth:

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Splendid. Holding hands with Mrs. B


I stood before the ocean
In the middle of the night
And there and then i asked her
If she would be my wife


Ahem. North Clare

Tis all South Galway lad relax :smiley:

You’ll only encourage @KinvarasPassion and his lebensraum notions with that kind of talk


I can’t say out loud the mileage I clocked in the cage for pleasure using North Clare as a base to explore West Clare. I’d be made feel guilty and shamed in public.

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The hordes have descended on the peninsula

A savage day in mid mid West Limerick today.Great drying out there,it’s a pity a man hadn’t some hay down

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Would you say it’s sweltering? Just back from a game there and I’d reckon it’s sweltering. Time to fire up the bbq

It’s not,it’s actually perfect.


How’re we looking for Saturday 25th in the HA9 area of London?

I need to make sure I have suitable attire for the occasion.


Don’t worry, it’s on in a stadium that isn’t like a leaky sieve.

Looking warm and dry pal :clap:

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Am I correct in thinking we’d a mad electrical storm this very day last year?

The Gods were not happy the day you were born. :grinning: