The Weather Thread


Very loose definition of by the bay there chef, how many miles away from the coast are you?


It was almost dark you mug. Oakland is only 10 miles from the city, as you should know. That was taken leaving Berkeley just about to get on bay bridge.

Here this was 5 later.


They do a much better class of surrender on the mainland.


There are 25000 of them in fairness.
Do they salt the roads in Ireland at the minute?


Yep. I’ve met 2 gritters this morning. They were getting the roads around naas at 6.15


Probably a stupid question, but does anyone know if theres a difference between gritting and salting the road?


You don’t eat roads that are gritted.


You grit the roads with salt was my understanding. Actual grit would end up fucking with people’s cars. However, I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity that I don’t mind saying I’m not sure on the internet.


You sound like a right woman.


What’s wrong with that?


haha should have
i had to head in to work for a few hours hence my trek , we’re out your direction now
food in there is grand allright


I thought salt fucked up cArs but grit is just dirty

They seem to use a mixture of grit and salt in Dublin anyway.


30km/ph the whole way in. Took me an hour and 15 minutes. I don’t think the roads were even bad.


That is fair running.


Grit is mined Rock Salt. I don’t think they add sand.


I hated when they salted the roads as I’d always be worried about rust on the car.
On the bike, they can’t use enough of it.


Never wash the car when the roads are grited. The dirt will provide some bit of protection


Mines got a nice layer of dirt on it at the moment. Will leave it that way until Xmas


Christmas eve morning. A good hoover, Polish and wash


Is that your present?