The Weather Thread


What a tedious life you have


No . It’s just become a little tradition of mine. Up to three or four years ago, I was terrible for leaving presents until the last minute. It just wasn’t enjoyable. Now I tend to have it all sorted come the beginning of December.
Will give it a hoover and the inside a good polish Christmas eve morning. PIck up the mother in law around 12.30 as it’s her birthday and we always take her to lunch. Will drop the family down town for a couple of hours and then head off to get the car washed. There’s always quite a queue Christmas eve so by the timedia the car is washed, it’ll be time to pick up the rest of the clan


Thanks for sharing


I was actually joking about a present from herself.


I thought the roads in West Limerick were pretty good this morning.


So you spend the guts of a few hours on Christmas Eve in the queue for a carwash?


I do.


Better than listening to the mother in law I suppose.


We havent had a proper nights frost yet in Limerick. These constant weather warnings are a joke. Bit of black ice this morning was the worst so far driving wise, but it wasnt too bad for the middle of December.


Normally a bit of frost about if you get black ice, mate.


Im not so sure mate, I didnt even have to defrost the car this morning.

Im concious conditions are always worse in Tipp though.


Heavy rain was the issue in West Limerick from what I saw. Was cold alright but nothing like it was further inland last night.


Don’t know what roads you were traveling on in West Limerick this morning but I was told they were treacherous and know a few cars were in ditches.


The roads around here yesterday morning were as bad as I’ve seen for a long time. Except for the national roads of course which were gritted at night and in the morning.


An hour of peace listening to the stereo. Bliss.


Was that you in the hedge at the turn off for Pallas yesterday morning?


Schools across the UK closed for a second day because of a bit of snow, shambolic.


Looked harmless enough.
Was that you that hit the horses the other night?


Problems at UK airports affecting flights from Dublin too.
The Brits really need to get their act together. A bit of snow and the whole place comes to a standstill.


No,where was that.A neighbour of mine was nearly killed on night by crashing into a horse on the N4 in longford,fuckin thing came straight in through the windscreen.