The Weather Thread


Tis gone fierce windy down here




An orange level fog warning there lads. Ye might want to stay at home today ( as long as the house is full to the rafters of food). Check in on elderly neighbours if ye can also. This is a bad one, we’ll be lucky to get out of this with our lives.




This is my favourite type of weather. Beautiful, bright, crisp morning in the capital today. Yesterday was gorgeous too. Can’t beat it.


Serious fog driving home from work this evening


I drove to Clonmel and back today and the fog was much more light hearted.


I love fog.


Peasouper in Clontarf tonight. Clear on the Peninsula.


Drove through the affected area tonight. Didn’t warrant a code orange.


Red sky in the morning :hushed: Be careful shepherds


Fuck sake, how many shepherds do you know?




Buff’s a farmer mate, although soon to be a retired farmer and living off the interest.


Frosty out in Liffey Valley. Cc @KinvarasPassion


24 hours of rain on its way.


The sky in Limerick has turned black, tiny bit of snowfall too.




A city in mourning.


It’s days like today that I really feel it being abroad. Wish I could be with my tribe today.