The Weather Thread


-3 this morning


Savage windchill here in the capital


It was nice at the beach though



A cracking day


The nicest day in a long time here in a Limerick, bitter but lovely clear skies


Decided to take a stroll to mass there at 7. Tis cold.


These weather warnings are a cod. There’s a warning issued about twice a week at this stage for weather that I’d consider normal for the time of the year. Are cunts that soft nowadays that they have to be told by extensive broadcasting that it’s going to freeze in a Sunday night in January. There’ll be a time when a proper weatjer warning is needed and nobody will take a blind bit of notice if this keeps up


Spot on pal.


It’s the way things are gone, if some one crashed their car in the morning they’d be blaming Met Eireann for not giving them a warning that the roads would be icy.


Snowflake warnings for snowflakes.


About snowflakes


Telling them there might be snowflakes


Ok guys


The warnings are colour coded mate.



I’d say it’s going to freeze lads.


You can see the stretch in the mornings and evenings with the lovely clear weather of late.


There’s actually a bit of stretch in the evening which is great for the commute.


Siobhan Ryan giving the weather here. There’s a warm front coming in over the south Midlands.