The Weather Thread


Michelle is a lovely lovely girl


@treatystones how accurate is this?


The Gfs has as upgraded from today’s runs for colder weather this weekend as i expected to do earlier. That’s now impressive when you have the ECMWF, ICON and GFS all showing this colder spell.

Some good news first and that is that the main snow risk does not start till Sunday but Saturday is going to be cold with the possibility of some wintry showers across east Ulster and Leinster.

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The Gfs has this lasting at least up to Wednesday which would mean the increasing chance of heavy snow showers to parts of Ireland especially along the eastern and south eastern half of the country, A cold wind-chill can also be expected as there also is going to be a strong easterly wind.

Cold night time temperatures again across the whole country with frost and ice. From Saturday night into the middle of next week where talking about temperatures as low as -4C to -7C at across Ireland and the UK over dark hours.

So for St Patricks day it does look ok at this stage from towns and cities holding parades around the country. I will keep you updated on this over the coming days and will continue to update over the day. I wouldn’t rule out disruptive snowfall yet on saint Patrick day.

Note that this update is based on the GFS run tonight.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel


That sort of covering all bases forecast is not something you would see @TreatyStones engage in who understands the value of certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.


I’m not sure who are the weather experts are round here, it’s a learning curve, I got stuck in a snow drift last week, had to get towed by a tractor



Any postponement of this Sunday’s high profile Allianz Hurling League quarter-finals can only lead to the familiar GAA territory of “fixture chaos”.

Good chance of the hordes of rubby diehards over in Twickers for the big game spending the best part of next week ateing Whoppers in Heathrow too.

Keep us posted @TreatyStones.


Is that an out take from Rocky IV?


Tis the farmers that kept this country going in the bad times, and this was witnessed once again during the recent snowfall.


I won’t be issuing updates on this until we get a greater level of clarity in the models later in the week. You’ll always have people a bit on edge after a major weather event and nervous it could happen again. At the moment the advice would be to stay calm and not to worry.


Fucksake. Grand soft day.


Pissed down with rain all the way from Cork to Dublin this morning


Beware the ides of March


Awful awful heavy rain with strong gusting wind. Absolutely lashing. A great day to be alive.


What man is that?


comes in like a lion, etc…


Boards weather Forum predicting a possible repeat of the snow. Well they were a couple of days ago. I’ll have to check.


I’ve already told people to stop being alarmist.
I am very close to calling this a non-event.


When will the lads on boards give you the green light to call it?


I’m my own man, as you can see above @flattythehurdler is a Boards man and he was scrambling to get his snow plough after reading Boards, whereas I was appealing for calm.


I’m easily led.