The Weather Thread


What a strange comment.


He’d give you a good laugh, spends the entire thing avoiding them and getting pissed and now he wants to make them proud of daddy by shoveling a bit of slush, Jesus wept


Why mate?

I was down helping at my nieces school earlier to clear snow. There was a good 60/70 people there. The overwhelming majority were men. Plenty of women out no doubt, but it’s interesting to see nonetheless. This is even reflected in that little video you posted above.

It’s no surprise some of the vociferous snowflakes here were delighting in not helping their community either.

I doubt Una and Co. were out clearing snow this weekend but they were probably out on Thursday night in Panti Bliss’s bar which stayed open. Workers safety obviously doesn’t apply to the right on crowd.


Alright guys. There’s no more weather, let’s take a break from this thread for a while.


That was stupid. There’s no school today.


Some people are planning to get tomorrow morning and try and be a bit productive.

You should try it at some stage.


The floods are about to start mate, that’s when the fun ends and the thread gets serious.


Wish the rain would fuck off.




You tried and failed to be productive this morning.

Same as ever.

Try and exercise your brain a bit more in future.


You know.


“I know you are but what am I”

Brilliant as usual from you when you’re stumped.


Tim despises Monday morning. He’s angry at it and he’s going to get it. He’ll load up on creo tonight to raise his anger levels.


Imagining fictional quotes.

You’ve really lost it now.


Because its anarchism weekend.



Frost setting in now. The roads and footpaths still have a covering of slush and snow.
Tomorrow will be fun.


How’s the knee since @Fagan_ODowd ?


Very sore pal. And every muscle in my lower half aches having to compensate for it. But I don’t like to complain


This Michelle Dillon is like a nun.