The Weather Thread


Any updates? Snowing now in the wee county


Snowing here in Dunmore


off and running in Meath
Beast like powder snow being blown out by a squall
difficult to judge - coming from NNE maybe


It’s coming in on a traditional easterly down here.


Very mild in Cork … was out there in my shorts letting Brady have a piss - real spring night.


-2 here


I do have a few Guinness in me … but it’s almost summer like weather here.


Well fuck it anyway


A nice blanket of snow here in rural Limerick.


Same here and it’s bucketring down. What do you reckon about the match? Will it go ahead?


bastarding snow, reading half marathon cancelled


Probably an inch or two here in South Kildare


The snow is back lads. You’ll see people very upset by it this time round as it’s happening during a bank holiday weekend


My car will be glad of the rest. Ill hardly get to Limerick now


I was going to head down to Parnell Park but think I’ll give it a miss. The footballers are only up the road 15/20 minutes in Newry and I’d be surprised if that goes ahead


Therell be right backlog jf the hurling doesnt go ahead today


Payback !


The snow coming down near sideways in mid-Kilkenny. About an inch lodged.


Cold in Limerick, Frost but no snow,


Good to hear. I’ll take a stroll to mass at 10 and make a decision after that.