The Weather Thread


I’ve had to cancel my planned trip to the bottle bank. The whole weekend is in disarray now.


Milk & Bread supplies dangerously low in CH’s House.

Time to fire up the Track Machine.


Could you call to my house and take away a bag of bottles ( empty) and jars.


@Robert_Emmet can I have an up to thevminute weather report from Cork city please.


The St Patrick 's festival events in Dublin City have been cancelled lads.


I saw a few floats from Sat Patrick’s day parades around Oireland poking fun at the attack on lidl in Tallaght, wouldn’t it be gas if they had a few making a skit of the bedroom scene in the rape trial


I actually steered clear of parades yesterday, you’d be fierce embarrassed looking on at that kind of carryon tbh.


the lidl tallagt skit seemed very popular according to my various social media platforms


Awful twee shit altogether.


its wrong on a number of levels to be making light of those scumbags terrorising the local community


Parades are generally rubbish.

Now the street parties you get on the mainland to celebrate a royal wedding etc look to be a marvelous day out


I’m writing a book at the moment about my time on the mainland. I doubt I will publish it though


Where the fuck is @TreatyStones


Buried alive under 2 inches of snow.


In the scratcher of course, he’ll get up about midday.


Nicely slotted home mate :grin:


What’s up? A cracking, cold but bright and sunny day in the Midwest


That’s all I needed to know


Just in from a walk. Lovely spring morning.


Decent snowfall right now in Limerick city @iron_mike
Unbelievably cold this morning when I was out, you’d feel for lads having to hurl in that