The wedding music thread

I got the call up today to DJ (press play on a few CDs) a friend’s wedding. It’s a hard one to turn down, and sure, it should be a bit of craic.

I’ve DJ’ed about 3 weddings in the last 9 years, and two were for friends, whose weddings I attended. I did one blind drunk, and the other I took an early slot before another DJ so I was only half-cut. I only ever did one for money, and I was stone-cold sober.

Has anyone here DJ’ed a wedding before? What’s the best song ye’ve heard a DJ stick on at a wedding? I’m going to use this thread to help form the wedding playlist - god help the bride and groom.

You’ll get a few roaster favourites here I’ll bet.

Mr Brightside will never see you wrong.

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I wouldn’t be a fan of the song or the band, but you’re right, it will go down a treat at this particular wedding*

*There’ll be a large quota of roasters attending this one. The groom asked for ‘Regulate’, as it was such a hit at my own wedding, and I’d say he’d like a bit of Metallica fired in.

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Warren G and Nate Dogg? Ah thats excellent

What age will the majority of the crowd be? If mid 30’s upwards then these can work well

A town called Malice – the Jam
Take on me – a ha
Video killed the radio star – The Buggles
Modern Love – David Bowie
This Charming Man – The Smiths
Ride on Time – Black Box
Don’t stop me now - Queen
Just can’t get enough – Depeche Mode
A little respect - Erasure
All night long – Lionel Ricthie
You can call me Al – Paul Simon
Don’t you want me – Human League
Don’t leave me this way –The Communards
The Whole of the Moon – The Waterboys
Sweet Child of Mine - GnR
Last night – The Strokes
Common People – Pulp


I find ‘Modern Love’ and ‘A Little Respect’ always go down great at weddings. Sandwiched a bit of Hall and Oates in between them at a wedding I did in Kilkenny before actually. Great choices @Phil_Leotardo

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If @ChocolateMice can remember my wedding he might be able to give an opinion on how the above worked on the night. My blurry memory is that they were all well received but there was virtually nobody in their 20’s at my wedding. Mostly the 30-40 bracket.


I was at the wedding of a couple who met on an FAI refereeing course. :eek:

Put 'em under pressure went down a treat when the DJ played it. I think it could work at any wedding.


You’ll be expected to play Thunderstruck.

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Yep. It filled the floor at my wedding. The bridesmaid tweeted Warren about it and all, asking what he’d make of a load of Irish people getting down to Regulate at a wedding. He replied ‘it’s all good’

Last song before the national anthem.

Are they roasters? Hit the diff seems to be the song to drive roasters insane these days.

Also Maniac 2000 is a must.

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Sorry, pal. I was put to bed early that night - I remember being on the dance floor so there must have been some classics like ACDC -Thunderstruck being played.

Sure I don’t know anyone in their 20s. The couple are mid-late 30s.

Get some 90s dance classics in so -Rhythm is a dancer etc.

There’ll be no Hit The Diff. I have fired Maniac 2000 at a wedding before and it went down very, very well.

Wagon Wheel is a must.

The siege of ennis

Smashing call @Bandage

One of the best things I ever heard at a wedding actually was the Ghostbusters team tune. Went down a storm when a band played it.


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Pump up the jam … 3 am … Mr Vain