The Wishing You A Merry Christmas Thread - aka The Nice Post Thread

Because I am finished work for the year I said I’d add this thread for everyone to say merry christmas to other forum members.

So… Merry Christmas: Bandage, Rocko ,Dunph ,2RE, Farmer, Flano, Puke, TASE, Runt, MAD, FOF, MBB, Larry, Tinnion, Tournafulla Man, Kev, Shan, CM, Clarkey,Thrawneen, CLD, Count, Fran,TTK and anyone I have forgotten.

Many Happy Returns RTT.

Thanks RTT :unsure:

I’m sorry, I have something in my eye

I believe you misread the opening post.

a very merry christmas to you and the family RTT, i look forward to some entertaining tales in the runt and rintintin escapades thread over the next fortnight.

Merry Christmas pal!

What a nice gesture. Merry Chrimbo to you and yours, Rintintin.

Back at you bro. Happy holidays.

Many happy returns RTT, hope the holidays go well for you and yours. Same to the rest of ye good folk, enjoy and keep safe.

Fook you RTT. :mad:

Have a good one though :pint:


Many happy returns bro!

Merry Christmas one and all.

Happy Christmas to all … even if it is white and impacts certain member’s ability to get about and spread their good will. :wink:

Cheers mate. Wishing you all the best.

Sorry pike, you were a glaring omission.

i would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy christmas and a prosperous new year to Tase, Bandage, RTT & Gman, their regular posting on Serie a has been a high point of the year, especially compared to some of thr dirge posted by epl runt, shan and Michael McMullin(gola) on the EPL threads

And likewise to Flano, Braz, Rocko, CLD, Turenne, woody, Howard Webb, Fran and souldressing along with the already thanked Bandage and Gman for their contribution to the fantasy nfl league

Best of luck in the playoffs, puke. A fantastic rookie season for you.

Many happy returns RTT.

what the fuck are you shitting about, i was in the competition last year…

+1 Shocking ommision of Wexford posters in that list.

:pint: B) :pint:

I adore the sentiment of this thread, I really do, but my heart is broken by the repeated misunderstandings of the term “many happy returns” which does not mean “and the same back to you” or anything like that. FFS.

Anyway Happy Christmas to RTT and Puke and thanks for including me in your thoughts.