The Writers strike in America

Television viewers are beginning to get a better sense of how the writers strike will affect their favorite shows. Original half-hour episodes of NBCs hit half-hour comedy The Office will stop being shown after next week.

Steve Carell showed solidarity with the striking writers. A publicist for Mr. Carell said he had no comment about the strike.

Production on The Office was shut down on Tuesday, after the writers, several of whom are also actors on the show, began picketing and Steve Carell, the lead actor, refused to cross picket lines. Only two new episodes are ready for broadcast, so The Office will enter repeats after the Nov. 15 episode.

Picketing in Burbank on Wednesday, Greg Daniels, an executive producer of The Office, explained why he was helping force a halt to production.

When we were in the 10th grade reading Mark Twain and dreaming about being a writer, none of us were thinking about residuals or payments for DVDs or anything like that, Mr. Daniels said. I suppose the reason people should care about this is because the television networks get their broadcast licenses from the government. They are supposed to create public culture. Instead, they are taking the attitude of We will crush you toward the people who create their programming. They are talking of canceling scripted programming and replacing it with reality programs. I think that is not in the public interest.

In a blog entry on MySpace, Dan Beals, a production staffer for The Office, said the crew waited for seven hours on Tuesday before Universal Media Studios decided to shut down production.

After expressing support for the strikers, Mr. Beals wrote: As for me, its back to the unemployment line.

Its really annoying that they would let things get that bad. Reality shows are bad enough as it is. You need shows like the Office to entertain the masses. Plus Im hooked. I need my Office. :wink:

Some of the other shows affected.

“House,” with six episodes left, will be fresh through November, with the last few airing in January one of them following Fox’s broadcast of the Super Bowl.

“Samantha Who?”, ABC’s new hit comedy, has eight episodes in the can.

The “Crime Scene Investigation” trio, “NCIS,” “Criminal Minds,” “Without a Trace” and “Cold Case” each have three to six more episodes to run on CBS.

CBS’ comedies (“How I Met Your Mother,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Two And a Half Men,” “rules of engagement”) will run dry by month’s end.

ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” “Pushing Daisies” and “Grey’s Anatomy” each have four new episodes to go.

“Desperate Housewives” airs the last of its current stock of new episodes Dec. 2.

The final new episode of NBC’s “Heroes” airs Dec. 3.

Fox’s New Orleans-based “K-Ville,” which shut down production this week, has three new episodes left, with dim prospects for shooting to resume post-strike on this low-rated freshman drama.
Despite a report that Fox’s “Family Guy” would air its final new episode this Sunday, the cartoon series will be new through November, the network said.

The planned January return of Fox’s “24” has been postponed indefinitely. Since only some of the series’ 24 episodes have been shot, Fox didn’t want to risk beginning a new season that might be interrupted.

I’ll be honest, they can strike all they want, I’m not into any of the above American Muck! There hasn’t been a good comedy from the US since Seinfeld and Fraiser.

Boston Legal?

Ya got me there!

It is more of a drama comedy though??

Ah yeah Boston Legal is definitely a comedy/drama.

Curb your Enthusiasm is also a class show

Curb your Enthusiasm is also a class show

It’s not a patch on Seinfeld imo, I might change my mind on that though if I watch some more episodes

" Despite a report that Fox’s “Family Guy” would air its final new episode this Sunday, the cartoon series will be new through November, the network said."

You mean Family Guy is gone?

So Cartman got his wish then?

‘But I didn’t think that manaties could go on strike’

I bet someone removed a idea ball from the tank!!!

:grin: :grin:

‘But I didn’t think that manaties could go on strike’

They’re worse then Dublin Bus for fooks sake!!!

Finally after 5 months the Office returned. Cracking episode. A dinner party at Michaels and Jans. Jim and Pam and Andy and Angela are the guests. Some great comedy from Steve Carrell in this episode. Was worth the wait.<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

Heres links for anyone looking for it.

Fucking sensational post Shan. Love that show.

We go again

Sure @ceist could probably write one of these things now.

Is there anything specific you want to discuss about the writers strike in America?

Could you do a plot outline for a Netflix series

Sure, I can try to come up with a plot outline for a Netflix series. Here it is:

Title: The Strike

Logline: When a group of TV writers go on strike, a young writer finds himself caught in the middle of the conflict as he struggles to make a name for himself in the industry.

Premise: The Strike is a drama series that follows the lives of a group of TV writers in Hollywood who go on strike to demand better pay and working conditions. The show focuses on a young writer named Max, who has just landed his first job on a hit TV series. As the strike drags on, Max finds himself caught in the middle of the conflict between the writers and the network executives.

As the strike wears on, tensions rise and relationships are strained. Max must navigate the complex world of show business as he tries to prove himself as a writer while also supporting his colleagues on the picket line. Along the way, he meets a diverse cast of characters, including other writers, actors, producers, and union representatives, each with their own agendas and motivations.

As the strike enters its third month, the writers face mounting pressure to settle their demands or risk losing everything they’ve worked for. Max must make some tough decisions about his future in the industry and where his loyalties lie. Ultimately, The Strike is a story about the power of solidarity and the struggle for justice in a cut-throat industry where creativity is often undervalued and exploited.

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Write a two minute dialogue based on a conversation that @Fagan_ODowd and @Juhniallio might have about restaurants in Dublin

Brilliant! Well done.

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

Sure, here’s the dialogue:

Fagan_ODowd: Hey Juhniallio, have you tried that new Italian restaurant in town?

Juhniallio: No, I haven’t. How is it?

Fagan_ODowd: It’s amazing! The pasta is so fresh and the sauces are just perfect.

Juhniallio: Hmm, that sounds tempting. But I’m more in the mood for some spicy food. Do you know any good Indian restaurants around here?

Fagan_ODowd: Yeah, there’s this place called Ravi’s Kitchen that serves some of the best Indian food in Dublin. Their chicken tikka masala is to die for!

Juhniallio: That sounds great! But I’m a vegetarian, do they have any good options for me?

Fagan_ODowd: Absolutely! They have a wide range of vegetarian dishes like chana masala, paneer tikka, and vegetable biryani. You won’t be disappointed.

Juhniallio: Wow, that sounds perfect. Let’s go there tonight!

Fagan_ODowd: Sure thing, I’ll make a reservation right away. But just so you know, it can get pretty crowded on weekends, so we might have to wait a bit.

Juhniallio: No worries, good food is always worth the wait!

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