Things I learned today (Part 2)

Is that Denzel at 1.20?

At some point next year, India will become the worlds most populated country

Some amount of them in Ireland at the moment as well. I know a builder who has sold 10 houses in an estate in the past few months. 7 of them were to Indians.

Mbappe’s missus used to be a man

Game changer. Hopefully he brings her out to get a picture of with the cup and a rainbow flag. Shove it to the Qatari cunts. Might get him sacked from psg tho

I’m after reading about this. He’s dating a Belgian model now, he was seen on a yacht a few months ago with the tg.

There’s this thing on Netflix, Indian matchmaker, one of these stupid shows the missus watches and I pretend not to. Anyway some fella was on one of the episodes saying he lives in a small town so it is very difficult to meet anyone.
I said I bet you this small town is massive. Googled it 1.5m people. Be the biggest city in Ireland and its some rural backwater over there.
We have no concept of the scale

Sure no wonder they marry their cousins in tipp

The assistant secretary of rmt is also half Irish, Eddie Dempsey. (I just randomly watched a channel 4 YouTube video and he came up with an interview with Mick Lynch. I knew of Lynch, just didn’t realise there was 2 half Irish lads over rmt).

There are 52 cities in India that have more than a millun people. China has over 100.


I think they were saying the opposite a few years ago. Anybody remember?

The US has only 10. God bless America and contraception…

If Ireland had the same population density as Holland there’d be 45m people living here.


Give it time

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Does living on boats count?

Leopoldo Luque one of the stars of Argentina’s 1978 World Cup win died of Covid.

This is South Korea’s tenth successive World Cup finals.

Today, to have the chance to give a prize ‘away to everybody’ in the Toy Show audience, businesses must pay €10,000.


How many times have they get out of group I wonder?

Richie, Partridge, of Kerrs kids fame, is physio with the Qatar football team