Things I learned today (Part 2)

I learned this after starting (and stopping) a book called iirc The Road to Nab End about the cotton industry. They hung two sixteen year old lads. Fcuk.

Won’t deny that.

The club football final gets a higher attendance than the club gga ball and hurley final despite that being a double header

Are you having a stroke……

In the 1984/85 European Cup Winners Cup, the previous season’s finalists FC Porto were eliminated by…Wrexham.

Porto would win the European Cup two seasons later.


There is a cape Adare on Antartica, named after the Earl of Dunraven by his mate

It was the first place, in recent history at least, that humans stepped on Antarctica


In the 2002-03 UEFA Champions League season, AC Milan and Inter Milan clashed in the semi-final.

Sharing the same stadium, they drew 0-0 in the first leg and 1-1 in the second.

However, AC Milan was the designated away team in the latter and so became the only team to win on “away goals” without scoring a goal away from their own stadium



The last Premier League game that was played without any substitutions being made by either side, was Manchester United vs Fulham on 22 March 2003.

Manchester United won the game 3-0, with Ruud van Nistelrooy scoring a hattrick.


Informative rating.

When was the last GAA championship match I wonder?

Cc @timriggins and other flat earth(skyline)ers

Poor management by Fulham that no one was brought on to kick RVN the cunt


This name cropped up in fellrunner so I googled it.

You have it in for the trans people alright.

Ah here……You implying he’s some kind of deviant now.

One for @Aristotle

Nothing new there.

Ah I wouldn’t know that kind of thing, I’m afraid. I can’t remember any in my lifetime anyway.

@Cheasty might possibly know.

I don’t know about match, but didn’t Micko go a full qualifier run with Wicklow in 2009 without making a sub?

Not sure that counts as he only had 15 players

Matt Doherty is 31.