Things or People that are Box Office


Exactly. You couldn’t make it up.


You have to consider his instagram following numbers now though mate…that’s the way it’s fucking gone…it’s crazy.

In fairness to Zlatan he’s claiming that he’s going to recoup the millions with shirt sales…that man imo will be far more important to United this year then Pogba.



Would you say Ferguson did bad business there letting him go to Juve?

Anyway, Pogba is box office. A baysht. He’ll destroy the EPL for 2 or 3 years if Jose lets him.


I’d say it wasn’t very cleverley thought out.


124 shots - 8 goals


Nicely done mate :clap:


Really playing the thick Irish role alright. Can imagine Ellen DeGeneres having them on her show.


I’d say they will need new mickeys by xmas.

West Cork is fertile hunting ground for a young fella at the best of times


You could say that for anyone that comes in to a bit of fame. The worst that could happen is someone begrudge them it in typical Irish style, which I’m sure they couldn’t give two fucks about.


Pogba is a decent player and definitely a good (re)addition for United. However he isn’t worth €100m or anywhere near it, but then no one is. It’s only pretend money anyway.


I heard somewhere Adidas paid for him.


Interesting take by the beeb.


Ed Woodward is doing a fantastic job at united.


Commercially he is.


united are lucky to have him at the helm.


The Glazers must have a fortune made out of them at this stage


From a commercial perspective that’s true.


He’s doing a wonderful job for the clubs owners. They’re very lucky.


Is that not what it’s all about?