Things or People that are Box Office


It’s a results game mate.



Yes mate, Year End Financial Results


Got there before me…makes the beautiful game ugly now though doesn’t it…fucking share price is more important to the owners then winning the league.


Now? Where on earth have you been?


They’ve come a long way since they were fixing broken windows


Fair point…I don’t think anyone would mind if the quality of player was there though.

John Stones (friend of the forums) transfer fee as an example was crazy.


Not really. Thats the game. I find it amusing people get so worked up over the modern game. Its been thus for some time now. It didn’t bother them when SKY bought English football, no idea why it does now as the inevitable path continues to rocket upwards.


Pogba’s transfer fee is a tipping point though…100 million plus for a midfield player who gets less then 20 goals a season.

Now I hope he does well obviously…but he’s no Neymar or Suarez you know.


Sorry, but how is Pogba any worse than a lot of the below? Pogba has driven Juve to 3 league titles in a row, he’s a quality young player, with a great head on his shoulders. He appears a born leader. This is all about United letting him go for nothing. It makes the fee seem garish, but its no more garish than Bale, James, de Bruyne, Di Maria, Falcao, Hulk, Benteke.

Take a look at some of the fees below, you’re having a laugh if you think Pogba is any worse than over half of them were at the time they were made.


John Stones, the 22nd most expensive player of all time. Fuck me.


I forgot Buffon cost €53million in 2001. Worth every penny in fairness.

Di Maria on the list twice :grin:

As many flops as successes on the list. Benteke, Mendietta, Torres, Kaka, Jimmy Rod a few more with question marks over them as well


Buffon and Vieri the best value for money on that list.


Hard to argue with that, but again, money and value, its a tenous link nowadays when everything else is worked in. Its a circus, sit back, and marvel at the lunacy.


Transfer fee is one thing but wages on a 100m fee are reported at 29m a year for 5 years - 145m

Presumably anybody playing in first team then looks for matching/tracking to that salary so wage bill gets pushed up

Harder for players to give a shit when earning half a million a week


Suarez and Ronaldo look cheap as well


Liverpool were robbed when you think about it.


Notice Torres on the list, swings and roundabouts.

The only players on that list who are worth the money are 2,3 and 4. Genuine superstars, players who can win games by themselves, scorers of great goals and the kind of players who can take your breath away.


Torres is a strange one…it was almost like he did’nt want to play ball anymore when he went to Chelsea.

Amazing that hound Ronaldinho isn’t on the list…I know it’s going back a few years but he was a fantastic player you’d pay to watch.


Didn’t spot Zidane on the list, he was worth every penny as well.