Things that continue to be right…or things that float your 🐐

I got me a van, it’s as big as a whale
And we’re headin’ on down to the graveyard
I got me a hi-ace, it seats about twenty
So hurry up and bring your jukebox money

The graveyard is a little old place where
We can get together
Graveyard baby
Graveyard baby
Graveyard, baby Graveyard
Graveyard, baby Graveyard
Graveyard, baby Graveyard
Graveyard, baby Graveyard

There was a lady getting a makeover in the Today Show earlier. She has three kids - two of which are special needs and need full time care.

‘That must be tough’ says Daithi.

‘Ah it is at times’ says the lady

‘But I have time to myself when they are in school and special schools, and I get out most Friday nights to play darts badly, and Saturday nights with himself’

I love the nonchalant way she describes her life yet she’s doing something really special. Lovely, almost self deprecating lady.


buried in a 22 carat coffin. no wonder the council want to dig him up

Make the cunts clean it all back into the vans, and then confiscate the vans :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

And where did they get all the money to pay for the coffin and grave?

He was big into the backgammon

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Is corkie rhyming slang for tarmaccin

Was in the Orion last night with ed. Didsbury was jammed for whatever reason, and I won’t stand up in a pub. . Used live almost next door but it was rough as fcuk back then.
Nice clean pub, few students, few of the oul derros.
£6.05 for two nice pints.

Michelle O Neill seems to be doing an excellent job.

A cyclist getting the head boxed off him :clap:

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7.43 for 2 pints in Krakow


Were you on the plane from Shannon this morning?

In the interest of balance….

Ahmed got him, got him good

the fascinating daily lives of those in rural Ireland

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That’ll spill over into the championship no doubt.

I was.

You were meant to bring a package for Pavel.
Pavel was waiting.
Pavel does not like to be kept waiting.


Days like today.


I took it on the way back to Shannon!