Things that continue to be right


Flatty’s in the horrors - he’s seen The Dow in his travels ( I think that’s the gist of it).


A marathon game of acey deucy


Katie Hopkins applies for insolvency after libel case (via @IrishTimes)



You up or down mate? How high did it go?


a bit cuntish of you considering theres kids involved. even yerwan who bankrupted her doesn’t think its right. one for the schadenfreude thread instead.


Great news.

You reap what you sow.


in that case youd better get ready for almighty smack in the chops and atomic wedgie from karma.


Acey Ducey the only game where everyone loses


She brought her own kids into this, hard to have any sympathy. Maybe they might get taken off her.


given the viciousness of social services in the uk, that’s not as outside the pale as you might think


Every cloud and all that.


wouldn’t be a silver lining for the kids, care isn’t exactly full of shiny happy people


And yet still a better environment than around that cunt.


Not at all. Terrible to see her playing the sympathy card given her own lack of it.


so youre as sympathetic as she is. good to know.


Maybe she should have thought of her kids before she decided to make a living out of being an absolute cunt.


maybe the IT can give her a lifeline and have her as a counterbalance to mulally


Maybe she could join Yates on Newstalk and they could rename it “the poor mouths”


Karma like this?


That’s lovely.