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The other YouTube topic is more a general discussion. This can be useful as a repository of recommended channels or content.

No More Jockeys

This probably doesn’t sound great, being really a drinking game on Zoom. But it’s excellent. Tim Key is a funny fucker.

A Bunch Of Amateurs

Decent documentary on Charlwood, a Sunday league team from England and their manager who is overly earnest but somehow not an arsehole when you watch a bit of it.

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  • Indigo Traveller

  • Bald & Bankrupt

  • Kurt Caz

All at the same craic. Basically they’re travelling around to places people don’t really hear or see much of in the Western Media.


Kurt Caz seems like an alright sort. He has some interesting videos in South America particularly. He was going around with a lovely lady in Medellin, Colombia,

Bald and Bankrupt can be hit or miss. He had some good stuff from South America too though. Video from Bolivia was a highlight. Odd piece from in and around Russia is decent too.

The most enjoyable ones I saw from Bald and Bankrupt were with Simon Wilson and Harald Baldr when they toured around Mexico. Making gobshites of themselves. It was funny to be fair at times especially their road trip down to “cartel country” in Sinaloa.

Your man Indigo seems to need too many guides to really make it authentic. Thought his recent trip through Yemen was interesting though to be fair.

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I’d agree with that ya, indigo traveller is a lot different to the two lads. He has tour guides all the time & his channel is full of advertisements. His one in Nigeria was very good though I thought (haven’t watched Yemen one yet).

That was gas ya in Mexico with the 2 other lads. B&B and Kurt Caz get a bit wreckless in South America/Mexico in favelas/cartel land always a bit of craic. “Muy muy Peligroso senor” off they go then down the road camera in hand and sombrero on :sweat_smile:

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In fairness to your man Indigo Traveller. You’d want a guide going through Yemen.

His lebanon video was good as well. Lebanon actually looked like a spot with serious potential, politics and war aside.

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Bald and Bankrupt is allegedly pure creep

Sabbatical is a good travel vlogger going around Sub Saharan Africa

Apparently Lebanon was/is one of the most beautiful places in the World, and pre the shit show was a bit of a playground for the rich and famous. Great history there as well. A place I’d love to go some day

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