Things you'll do after Covid

A thread to log the things you are gonna enjoy the fuck out of when life gets back to normal… real soon. Apologies if another thread exists.

A Damo Dempsey concert. I’ve been here for the last half hour cleaning up and listening to the almighty love album… belting out the tunes. It reminds me of so many Damo gigs, the spirituality, the feeling of communal joy and shared experience. I’m gonna be down the front at a Damo pre Christmas Vicar Street gig this year. Belly full of Whiskey, belting out every tune. Bring it fucking on!


I’ve never been to his gigs but got into his stuff last year. He’s doing a few country gigs too - I might bate out to the one in dunboyne castle

I’ll drink a pint of Guinness

I’ve never seen so many people with black eyes as I saw at a Damien Dempsey Christmas concert. Make of that what you will.


Victims of domestic abuse?

I’d say I’ve seen him live about a dozen times since 2004 in many different venues/settings and I have never left a gig disappointed. He leaves it all onstage, a real uplifting night out.

He was excellent in the iveagh gardens on a lovely sunny evening back in 2018

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Gym. Hurling. Pub. Holiday in the US.

A full day pub crawl in Limerick


I’m looking forward to the first big match with a proper big crowd and full stadium. Something like the Dubs in Croker or a full Semple or a packed Lansdowne Road. The buzz of excitement building in the hours beforehand, pints etc.

Then that release of noise and pent-up emotion and communal joy when the teams come onto the pitch or the game kicks off.

We’re back.


an election

interested rubbing hands GIF


Spell ??

Reading TFK. Looking out the window. Watching Liverpool on TV.


Go for a drive

Spinning class
6 pints of stout in the Long Hall after work on a Friday
A Saturday of horse racing in the Dame Tavern
A winter championship evening on Hill 16
12am - 4am House, Leeson st


Coach football 5 nights a week and long for the return of lockdown.


That’s one weekend sorted.

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Seeing my mother & family and getting to visit the 'oul lad’s grave.

A bit of banter over pints with the home crew.

Wexford in Croker.


I will go to a few raves and do a load of random pills.


My going away party from my last job. Waiting 12 months now and had a great catch up with ex colleague tonight on it.

Pints, a week in ibiza, a fuck load of matches regardless of what code or weather. And some greenaway. The only stopping me is my lack of a bike that I keep saying I’ll buy

That’s a good one. Just anything where there’s just people everywhere