This is the hottest summer you have ever had but its the coldest summer for the rest of your life (repent - stop climate change)

@Rocko make this thread a sticky

Guys, this thread is to post examples of posters being reckless when it comes to their carbon footprint & also to post examples of the affects of climate change

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from the ravenous thread


My reading of these 3 posts is things are looking better here than elsewhere?

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What’s your target level of carbon there, sport?

@Rocko please restrict @glenshane from posting on this thread

Simple enough question really. How much atmospheric carbon should there be? We need to know what we’re aiming for

The Amazon rainforest is now producing more carbon than it absorbs.

We’re fucked lads

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Cutting down rain forests is seems a silly way to improve atmospheric carbon levels

I thought that. We may actually be properly fucked this time.

@Appendage drives a diesel car.


The Greens were prioritizing diesel cars a decade ago.

You must be buzzing after yesterday’s Bord na mona announcement ?

want Green vote Green

is this to do with the fuckers burning trees to make room for livestock?

Yes. And crops. Probably for biodiesel.

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I’m eager to learn. How do rising carbon levels cause rainfall in Germany, heatwaves in Canada and forest fires in Australia