This is the new server

If you can read this then you’re on the new server. :congratulations: :balloon: :cake:

Two little changes/enhancements, temporary perhaps.

  1. You can now “rate” posts again using the little smiley button next to each post.

  2. You can post “amusing” gif reactions to posts by pressing the second last icon on the toolbar (the play button) which opens a repository of gifs for you to search on.

Anyway, everything else should be just the same but let me know of any problems. Apart from the 2 days of missing content.



I can’t access the smiley button, nor the play button. Are these features enabled for Australian posters?

Thank christ you replied to that, I thought I was on my own here. We have nothing to be smiley about in Australia.

When did you get back here?

You broke it again.

Last weekend. Had a few mornings waking up at 4am but clock fully realigned now. What did I miss?

Not much. Apparently we’re even more racist now as a country. The Swans play Geelong tonight.

I wish I could rate that post. I’d give it Informative.

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I got the notice of my citizenship ceremony today, apparently I don’t have to swear to some god or other. I’ve vowed to end my oath with the following words “Up the RA”.

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Did I tell you the guest speaker made a famine joke at my ceremony? I laughed because I had been sworn in and part of my new cultural obligations.

This cunt here it was.

There’s a guest speaker? How long do these things go on for? I’m a busy man and I can’t be wasting tonnes of time at these silly ceremonies.
What was the joke?

Over an hour I’d say.

There were 30 odd getting their citizenship; 13 of them Irish. Old cuntflaps sniggered that there must be another famine in Ireland he hadn’t heard about. Oh how we laughed at the thick paddies.

Where’s you ceremony? If you want a TFK presence for your special moment, I’d be happy to come along.

Typical racist insensitive Australians, can’t wait to become one.
Unfortunately I am allowed a maximum of two guests and those invitations will have to be extended to wife and child. We’ll have to go for a beer at the Greenwood to celebrate nonetheless.

So how come i am back here? The land of limbo.

Had actuallly got into proper site for about an hour

majorly fucked up still. I can see posts on my mobile that seems to be on the old server and there are different ones here on PC. @rocko, do you need some money for the meter?

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