Those who have poor eyesight

That’s the key question with Slaintecare will it make things any better or will those of us who can afford private care still be able to access care quicker. Anyway good news that your oul fella doesn’t have to wait 6 or 12 months.


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Sure no wonder it’s always ringing in the Dail chamber

  • .75.

Don’t need glasses but I picked up a free pair anyway through VHI

Got new glasses today. Last ones broke. Was able to stick them with superglue but sure as there’s shite on a goose (cc @Boxtyeater) they’d go again at a time of maximum inconvenience to me.


I’ll have to remember that one. My auld lad’s line was “as sure as your hole is looking down to the ground”. The context was usually one of us getting chastised for having done something wrong.


It’s actually “as sure as there’s shite IN a goose”.
Feel free to use as suitable.


He should have gone to specsavers

I’ve multiple pairs of glasses but the ones I’m currently using are the finest. I’ve recently acquired a little set of screwdrivers specifically for tightening small bastards of screws. I’ve tightened up about 5 pairs and am quite chuffed with the results.


That’s actually what I meant to say. Fucking autocorrect :facepunch::facepunch:

Jewellery screwdrivers as they are known in the trade.

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Or if it’s a threat used in future tense it’s “while your hole looks down on the ground” :smile:

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs…?

For anybody interested, this is what you see on a normal OCT scan. This is a scan of the macula, the small central part of your retina that controls your central vision. The macula measures about 5mm in diameter, it’s like a circle on the retina. The valley like hollow in this picture is the foveal pit. That’s the centre of the macula. This is what controls your fine central vision.

I used to imagine the retina was like a small, fine piece of ribbon. It’s not like that at all. If you imagine the back of the eye as a tennis ball cut in half, the retina is a bit like the inner lining, except it’s layered and is said to have the consistency of wet toilet paper. If you get a tear, it can progress to a detachment, which is often compared to wallpaper detaching from a wall. You can put the wallpaper back, but it’s almost impossible to put it back in the exact same place. The more that detaches, the worse the detachment is.

There are 10 layers in the retina. The retinal pigment epithelium is what provides oxygen and nutrients to the retina. When you get a retinal detachment, the retina separates from the retinal pigment epithelium. If you’re “lucky”, it’ll only happen at the periphery of the retina, and not detach the macula. I wasn’t so lucky. Though if you look at my OCT scan, it still looks pretty like this, so maybe as macular detachments go it wasn’t too bad. It’s just there are likely micro disruptions which I have to hope even themselves out over time, there are micro disruptions to the retinal pigment epithelium apparently.

The sclera is the very outside of your eyeball. The black stuff at the top is your vitreous humour, which I think has a consistency like weak jelly, which makes up the majority of the eyeball.


What caused my retinal detachment was a thing called a posterior vitreous detachment. This is an excellent video explaining how it happens.


This is the young lady who lost the sight in one of her eyes in a vicious attack in Ballyfermot at the end of 2021. Much as I admire her attitude, I don’t have the same attitude, and part of me thinks the fuckers who did this to her should have it done to them as punishment, literally an eye for an eye, because they ruined her life for kicks.


Totally agree. Absolutely horrific thing to do to a young lady or anyone really.

Welcome to my world. That’s as close as I can bring the two sets of posts at the Hill 16 end together.

In this photograph, Kilmacud Crokes have 34 players.