Threats of Violence on TFK

Log them here.

Kev threatens to head for the hills, track down mbb, and break his legs.

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I’d be very careful WTB if i were you.

Kev threatens forum peace campaigner WTB

Sounds like dancarter

Hearing these sort of malevolent words from Caoimhaoin (sic) is a little unsettling.

That seems like a serious overreaction on Kevin’s part. I’m sure he’ll apologise when he simmers down.

I think we should find out Kevin’s steroid supplier and have a word with him. :angry:

aye, he’d do well to tone down his posting on here allright.,
new information is been closely examined by a few on here i am led to believe.

i am sure tho that as bandage said kev will at some stage pubslish an apology for that most uncharacteristic outburst.

stay the fuck out of this you forelock tugging gobshite

Mickee, leave this to the adults and please return to your carboard box outside the Israeli embassy.

oh dear…

The samaritans can help you out mate, salt of the earth type people I’m led to believe.

you’d want to be careful yourself mickee, Puke outed you here a long time back. If he told me who you are god only knows who else he said it to.

You’d want to fucking watch your fucking step mate or you’ll be outted allright

How do I do the smiley eating popcorn on the phone?

:popcorn: [quote=“TwoRunnyEggs, post: 564493”]
How do I do the smiley eating popcorn on the phone?

No popcorn required mate, just a load of talk. You’ll find all this hot air never materialises into lads actually knocking the jaw off each other.

Thanks Mac


Unless we can get RTT involved that is :popcorn:

Our resident photographer, runt, has been stood up on a few occasions I believe waiting for these feuds to materialise.