Threats of Violence on TFK

2 steriod ridden cork gobshites talking shite - nothing to see here.

Kev instead tries to intimidate poster’s family memebers by stalking them on social networking sites and in workplaces.
he’ll get whats coming to him soon enough

Hey, despite what you may think you know, you and a few others have been barking up a couple of wrong trees.

Thing is, i can’t even remember your name, it doesn’t bother me who the fuck you are, seems to bother quite a few who i am though. The day i was told i mentioned it to a bird i worked with from Cobh and she knew you straight off the bat, and what she said all fitted in with what you had released here. I said i knew you through football. That was the last it was ever used or mentioned, and i deleted the message. Its Puke and a few others you should worry about Mickee, not me.

Puke had found your e-mail somehow.

dear god…


Here Bandage, for fuck sake - I’m called a stalker on here and then this kinda shit comes out? This is fuckin crazy shit!

Whatever happened with Kev and his fight with DBP on AI day last year in the park? Did it go ahead? Is Kev someone you should fear?


lets get this striaght mate.
you discuss your internet behaviour with females in work to build up profiles of who posters are?

this is indeed most disturbing

Kev needs to consider his sources.

so do you mate…

Kev turned up but there was no sign of the Prawn.
Photos were produced for proof.

kev is typing up an epic response as we speak,

Hey, as i say, i’m not who you should be worried about, thats if it bothers you at all.

And no Mickee, it was a 15 sec conversation.

23 guests looking in, fascinating stuff

I’m most interested in how kev related the details of mickee’s life without sounding like a raving lunatic.

Puke heavily involved. I’m surprised by this I must say.

It would be like Fran introducing Pikeman to his girlfriend at Gmans wedding by saying “this is my mate from the internet” :smiley:

The puke is tfk’s invisible hand

I know yu’re probably a boring cunt who can’t relate to anyone on a common ground, but its as simple as

“do you know Johnny Mac?”
“Ya, he’s so and so and does this and that. how do you know him?”
“Oh just through football”
“Oh right ya”

End of conversation.

FAO Puke and a few others,
In what way should i be worried?

cheers for deleting the message, im not happy with you tho that you had the audacity to say you knew me through football, i stopped playing when i was U-16 to concentrate on an AUL career with Springfield