Three injured in Fairview pub shooting


From RTE:

Gardaí are investigating whether the doorman of a pub in Fairview in Dublin was targeted by the gunman who opened fire early this morning.

The lone gunman - brandishing two handguns - confronted the bouncer at the Players Lounge in Fairview at around 12.30am,

He chased him into the bar before shooting him in the head.

The doorman is in a critical condition at Beaumont Hospital.

Two others were wounded in the attack and are being treated at the Mater Hospital.

One man was shot in the chest and is in a critical condition. Another man is being treated for serious injures.

The road close to the scene of the shooting has been closed off.

Motorists are advised that there is no through road from Fairview to Richmond Road and from Philipsburgh Avenue to Fairview Strand until about midday


has anyone ever gone boozing in this place?
i was in there one saturday afternoon allright and i must say it is quite an undesirable establishment.
Non stop sky sports news and premier leauge attracts a rather pitiful clientelle, they claim to have over 70 TVs in the bar showing all sports but in reality its all the TVs bar one showing english / scottish soccer in some form and the other TV was probably broken or something at the time.
Think Buskers in temple bar minus the women and you have the players lounge, its full of hideous tracksuit bottom wearing local types also.
i wouldnt be going back in a rush


Where abouts is it in Fairview?
Near Smyths and Hillbillies?


I long to be back in the saftey of Limerick.


its near Tolka park, that i know
Hillbillies is a chipper in Cork on patrick street and Smyths is a toystore somewhere so id have to say no Runt.


It’s run by the same people that have Hillbillies in Cork and Smyths is a pub in Fairview.
Both would be close enough to Tolka park.


Yeah, it just beside Hillbillies there alright. Dodgy looking place.


It’s not Pikeman. It’s down further towards Croke Park. Not far from Meaghers.

It’s an absolute shithole full of the dregs from the neighbouring areas. I was in Meaghers one evening having a pint and watching the football when some scumbag wanders down from that place, bursts in and shouts something like “Any of ye cunts in here support rangers, I’ll burst your fucking head…”. There were about 6 people in the front bar including myself , 3 auld fella’s and one of the auld fella’s grandchildren. The barman told him to fuck right off and he disappeared.

Apparently the fella who owns it leaves any sort of a cunt in. A lot of which have been barred from all the other pubs in the area


Live not too far from this establishment and have walked past it on occasion on route to clontarf… From the outside it doesnt look too bad of a place but the cliental standing outside it dont look the most desirable


Whats the reference to Anthony Stokes about?


Dunno what pub I’m thinking of so


its between smyths & meaghers -they do food (4.50 Irish breakfast)i believe but anyone within a 5 mile radiius of fairview tends to eat in hillbiliies


The bar is owned either by Anthony Stokes or he has a big share in it. Think his Father runs the place but not 100% sure.


the slug & lettuce?


We can just be thankful that no innocent person making their way back out to Malahide got caught up in this.


luckily it was on the day of a stick hurling game which means nobody from Fingal would have been around


If he played in a better league he might be able to afford a better pub.


The Pub is no length from Clonliffe House

If you go down Richmond Road till you hit a fork in the road with a petrol station on your right… and bout 500m up the rd on the right in clonliffe while 100m to the left in Players Lounge continueing down this road will bring you onto i think Fairview Strand…


Think it use to be called the Fairview Inn before it became the players lounge. Anyway it wouldn’t be the nicest watering hole on the way the Croker. :smiley:


Whats with all these non fatal shots to the head lately. The country’s marksmanship has dropped considerably since the end of the troubles.