Time for Neil Lennon to go?



Not at the moment.

Go number 2?


yes, same failings as Croly

too conservative when playing inferior teams

His lack of trust in Stokes compared to his love of Forest is mind boggling

they have been woeful ever since that hurling coach from Donegal was brought in too

Forest have Wilson back where he belongs, 3 games, 3 clean sheets and 9 points:pint:

ps you’re welcome to Commons

pps you’re welcome to Lennon too.

Billy Davis is God:cool:

Not yet, may be soon

flesh that out a bit Corney

Hope Powell is available…

@Rudi, would you have thrown Lennon down a well last night?





My harsh words seemed to have focused his mind. I cant take all the credit though

We need a long term commitment, pal.

I will only commit to a rolling contract in this regard, much like Lennon.

What did you make of this yesterday @Rudi ?


Some sign to the players of what he thinks of their chances. :eek: