Time for the walkers leprechaun to let it go?



Can we not keep all this shit to one thread.

who are you? the thread nazi?

Sledge just keeps on popping up in pictures from this match


[quote=“north county corncrake”]cunt

Is he not just saying exactly what most of us have been saying here since Wednesday night?

moaning about the FAI & saipan?

He is talking a bit of sense for once.

Doesn’t alter the fact that he is a wankhole though.

He’s saying the FAI are retarded looking for a replay. I agree. He doesn’t say a word about Saipan.

This cunt’s opinions aren’t welcome.

Well, he was presumably asked the question at a press conference, most major British and Irish media outlets are reporting it and NCC is bringing it to everyone’s attention here. So I think it would be safe to assume that some people are looking for his opinions, therefore they are welcome.

What a terminably boring cunt Roy Keane is.

Just to follow up, I’m not really sure what terminably means but Roy Keane is a boring cunt is the gist of my point.

Well given his cunt antics a lot of people might not want to hear this sort of shit from him. Did he take the opportunity to make a single positive comment about the team. No. He’s a cunt. He doesn’t have to support the stupid replay idea but nor does he have to use the question to slag off Irish football yet again. Dickhead.

Interminably Bandage.

Nice one. :thumbsup:

It’s great to see Roy Keane again lay into the FAI because, as always, Roy’s only saying it because he cares deeply about football in Ireland and sees speaking out as a great way to initiate change. It’s not because he’s obsessed with himself - the cunt.

I think the FAI are fair game on this one. Delaney’s making a fool of himself, and making Irish soccer look foolish by association, on an international stage. Agreed that his comments on the players was unnecessary. You may not want to hear from him, but he was just answering a question. It’s not up to him that it is widely reported.

He can’t control the questions he is asked but he can control how he answers them. Anyway it’s long since established that Roy Keane is a cunt and there’s no point in proving it all over again.

Fair enough. I sense I’m in a minority opinion on Keano/Saipan around here. I got sick of having the argument in real life in around 2005, no wish to get into it here now.

What a bitter and twisted man he is

Christ Sledge certainly got around the stadium the other night