Tipp v Wexford AI Hurling Semi Final Thread

Wexford surely the favourites… Hopefully we’ll get a ref that’ll do as a few favours

This should be played as the 3rd/4th place play off

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this a lonely little thread

Davy has sent out instruction to all Wexford supporters to keep a low profile.

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Doesn’t really feel like a box office tie for Tipp supporters tbh

No Bonnar, no party and the Tipp lads know it.

the Wexicans are reported to be quietly confident in an understated way

Wexford will sneak this so they will

We might squeak through here I feel but we won’t bate the winners of the other semi. In truth, it would be our weakest side since 97 to get to a final .

I’d be wary of tipp. If they stop trying to walk goals in like a wenger based arsenal, they could do damage. Its also unlikely, on the law of averages, that wexford will have as few wides from long range as they did against kk.
Having said that, Tipp need three years to get a few 21’s in to make them truly dangerous, and will lose some seniors in that time.
In summary, I haven’t a clue.

Nothing new there pal


Fuck Tipp & Fuck KK.

Wexford - Limerick Final I’m afraid.

Who has the better chant TIPP TIPP TIPP or WEXFORD :clap::clap: WEXFORD :clap::clap: WEXFORD​:rofl:

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We are just happy to be there. We wouldn’t be use to these big days in croker. Hopefully the lads give it a lash.

Podrick Maher has already riverdanced with Tony Kelly and Aaron Dunphy this year, who next?

I’d love to see Liam Ryan say hello to him

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I’ve just read the 32-page match supplement in the Wexford People.

I was reading the interview with Willie Carley Snr where he recounted how he became very emotional on Leinster Final day when his grandson Cian Byrne scored the game sealing goal for the minors, and then I burst out crying too.

cc @grapes.