Tipperary GAA 2018


Steven O’Brien has returned to the footballers.
No big surprise.


The quest for two in a row starts now.




What do people think of the proposed championship structures. 7 weeks to play club football and hurling championships, Months of May, June, July and August to be kept for intercounty players with no club championship games, Run off the clubs then as an afterthought in September and October. Divisions also to be done away with. Fucking farcical if you ask me. Our organisation is being run by a shower of cunts.


Agreed. For greed. Chance for FAI to move to junior Summer soccer, games every weekend for everyone. Media very complicit in all this. Fuck them


What will be, will be.


Any word on Hotpoint’s replacement?


Johnny Kenwood


The man himself informed me that the reason he was moved on due to nepotism. Michael Ryan didn’t come out of it all that well, despite knowing each other for 20+ years he left it to a county board official to break the news to hotpoint.


Very true, a massive own goal.
It will be hard to keep players interested all year. They will just choose soccer over GAA.
I would have been one of the people that stand up for the association but bringing All Irelands to August was also a bizarre move in that it gives the rugby wankers another month to market their game.

In short the GAA administrators should FOAD.


Snitches get stitches


Jesus Hotpoint has come out with both barrels this morning he’s very hurt and bitter about his sacking


Hackie Cahill piece?


No, Larry Ryan


But I thought there was no story here? You know fuck all, lads from Limerick know more about Tipp Hurling than you :rollseyes:


Hotpoint allegedly abused his dressing room privileges in this year’s All Ireland semi final bringing in an uninvited guest before and after the game. A similar kind of guest to Joe Brolly’s current domestic arrangements.


Almost word for word the same thing he said to me earlier this week. Tipp don’t deserve a kitman with such integrity and honesty. #justiceforhotpoint


Wise decision.

He wi add much need ability around the middle.


Disgraceful and cowardly way to treat such a servant. Michael Ryan comes across as a man of very poor character based on this article.


All I can see from that article is that Hotpoint thinks quite a lot of himself.

Michael Ryan has carried himself very well in my eyes over the course of his time, I’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. He didn’t shitcan a fella for nothing.

Hard to believe they didn’t offer him the retirement option, and if they didn’t surely he could have asked them for it.