Tipperary GAA 2018


the point is though, that he hadn’t the guts to do it himself. Is this the type of general you would like to fight for?


I’d mind me own business if I was one of the players and realise I’ve bigger things to concern me over the coming weeks and months.


Leadership is founded on trust. It’s not as simple as minding one’s own business. Has this damaged the trust they have in him? He dealt with it in a very cowardly way.


I think you’re playing a game of silly buggers here my friend. I have you now. You Galway boys, awful divils.


How do you think he dealt with this issue?


jesus this ‘hotpoint’ comes across as an awful self important simpleton. i love this beaut Paudie (Maher) said he was still trying to digest it and he’ll talk to me in a few days. :smile:


“Would you believe I got a text message from Jackie Tyrrell. I thought it was very nice of him. ‘Hotpoint, so sorry to hear you leaving the Tipperary set-up. We’d many great battles over the years. The best of luck to you in the future’.”




You realise we don’t have the full story here? If the rumours are to be believed, there was a slight made against the family. Michael Corleone didn’t pull the trigger on Fredo personally, but it was done, and done at his behest.

You don’t cross the family.


Clinically! It’s all over the media.


Its in the Examiner

And only because this fella contacted a journo.

This time of year is a GAA vacuum.

Tipperary GAA is box office.


:smile: this is like one of those articles Tom Humphries was ghost writing for @Sidney

Renowned for his explosive dashes onto the field to replace broken hurleys, Hayes rejects any suggestion he has slowed down in that department.
“Twice this year I had to run across to a player looking for a hurley on the far side of the field.
“They all have two spares. So a lad on the far side of the field from them would have their number three.“
And a lad nearest them would have their number two. So if they broke the hurley, he’d be there first.
“Twice this year, I was across with their number three hurley before the lad nearer them. So that argument doesn’t hold water.”


That’s fucking hilarious. Here’s my favourite bit…

There was support too from the hurley-carrying fraternity, including long-serving Kilkenny kitman Denis ‘Rackard’ Cody.

The hurley-carrying fraternity???


The interview is so bad it is good . Thank you Hotpoint .


"Hayes rejects any notions he slowed down in that Department "

This is utterly priceless .


This isn’t the first controversy of its kind.

Donegal’s Jim McGuinness famously fired Francie Friel after failing to Mayo four years ago and brought in a new kit person.

But I don’t recall Francie giving any interviews over the matter and little came out in the wash subsequently.


There is a need for a GPA type organisation for Hurley carriers. They could organise a testimonial dinner for Hotpoint.


It was a great grounding for his future role as Donegal U17 manager.

Hotpoint won’t be getting any future roles in Tipp GAA.


Hotpoint should write a book “The Art and Science of Hurling Kit Management”.

The chapter on in-game hurling stick replacement alone would make it a must read.


Hotpoint would be better off keeping his mouth shut. A good decision by Ryan, who had his reasons.

Darren Gleeson expected to retire, although he might play a bit of inter firms next year…


The other less successful counties that border Tipp could look at employing Hotpoint as a kit man .