Tipperary GAA 2018


Cork forwards without Harnedy don’t look as threatening. He’s integral to them.


Thoughts on Tom Fox not getting much match time?


I know there’ll be focus on the full back line but there’s a nice balance to that FF line. Will do wreck.


Got a chance vs Clare in the 1st league game. Malone bullied him and he was gone before ht.

I don’t think Ryan rates him. He prefers physically dominant lads as opposed to nice stick men. Also I would really wonder does Fox want it enough. Undoubtedly talented but if he put the effort his clubman O Brien did in the past 10 years he would be all star material.

He hasnt really developed physically the same way Barry Heffernan, Ronan Maher, John McGrath and Michael Breen have who were all on the 2012 minor with him.


I’d be going Ronan at 3 too as well. May well happen with Bond moving to corner and Rabbit to wing

Brian Hogan in goal?!


I’d have to agree with large parts of that. I’ve heard it said that he lacks the hunger to drive on. It’s a shame as he is so talented and probably one of the best prospects to come out of his club, Hurling wise. You’d hope the clare experience has knocked some sense into him and he’ll kick on. Unfortunately, judging by his omission since, it hasn’t .


He was played on the full back line underage and thrived. That said he was much smaller back then. I think he’d be great at full back but we’d be losing something in the half back line.


Will we ever see Breen back there? Did grand there underage .


Probably not this year. Been told he’ll be played in the forwards this season.


Hardly fair to compare established inter county players like ronan maher and Michael breen to Barry Heffernan (who has also not risen to regular IC appearances)…

Michael Ryan was recently lauded for given the new fringe players game time v KK despite a lot of them getting beaten by their marker , Fox was not treated in the same manner v Clare. It’s clear as day light that Ryan has his own opinion on Hurling as a big mans game (shown by his new panel members all over 6’2"). Whether this notion will be fully correct remains to be fully seen, Fox is due another few appearances before been written off given his profile of one of top club/college and 21 players of the last 3/4 years.


I think Ryan is nowhere near showing his full hand. Sean O Brien is 5’10
And getting plenty of chances.

I’d imagine there’ll be quite a bit of shuffling between now and the end of Munster championship


I was only comparing them in a physical sense. It’s clear that lads like Heffernan have committed to the physical preparation side which is something Ryan values. Look at Hamill as a case in point. Man mountain of a man but a poor inter county hurler.


Fox was treated very shabbily when you think of some of the guys who were left on the field vs Kilkenny despite being comprehensively beaten by their men.


The same has happened Seamus Kennedy tbf, he needs to grin & bear it and knuckle the fuck down.



The lookalikes thread .

Btw what is the story with bubbles . Is he injured ???


Yes, he’s back in training after ankle injury


His fathers belly was a disgrace for an IC hurler. Only for Niall Patterson and John Troy in the same era he’d have been highlighted more.


Ken is leaner now than in his IC days


Was he not involved in some high jinks up in the midlands somewhere?