Tipperary GAA 2018


Richie wasn’t in Mary I, pretty sure he was in Pats


He was definitely in pats for a few years.


Ronan was in Mary I was my point. I’ve edited it in case of confusion


He was



Good win for the Footballers. :clap::clap:


Tipp team to face KK tomorrow

Hard to look past a home win for the Cats, very inexperienced Tipp Side.



Where’s the regulars gone?


Fitzgibbon today & injuries


Mick Church putting a “ put up or ship out “ message out to some fringe players.
If they can stay within 5 pts of KK then he’ll be happy.


It’s not that inexperienced. I mean is it anymore inexperienced than the last couple of weeks?


No Forde, J McGrath, N McGrath, Paudie, Donagh etc…


Any word of the severity of Niall O’Meara’s injury today? He is fucking cursed with injuries.


Tipp for Liam


What is it, Joe?


Liam McCarthy


Probably mentioned here before but this site is outstanding,




The experimentation continues. I’d like to see Ronan tried at 3.


O’Brien at FB seems odd, if trying him there then maybe Kennedy should be looked at too.

Cork will fancy their chances, but if Lehane is kept quiet we have a chance.