Tipperary GAA 2018


Please elaborate?


It must have been fairly deep what he did…two upperchurch men and all


I’d say a lot of things take Paudie a while to digest to be fair


Upperchurch would be fierce clannish, shit went down here.


Tell us more?




Hot point making an big song & dance about nothing here. Loose lips.


How many club games do ye normally get played in those summer months, out of interest?


We are based in south division.
Intermediate football championship was run on league basis. Top 4 qualified for semi finals We played 7 games between June and August culminating in a final in September.

In hurling we were in a group of 4 where top 2 advanced. So we played 3 games, again finishing up in August.

Its probably different if you are a senior club which we are not but there is very little reason to be holding up games.


Three Upperchurch men actually. The county board chairman as well


That is fucking brilliant :laughing:


The county board are going to kill hurling if they remove the divisions


Why you think that ?


Divisions are the best thing about the GAA in Tipp. Because of divisions nearly every club in the county has something to aim for each year. Where I’m from the divisional championship is the Holy Grail


North senior hurling championship is one of best ccompetitions in Tipp.


This is what winning a north Final means


Fuck Toome.


And would ye have county players available for those games?


Must be the aul man they look alike, same protruding jaw


There’s very few Tipp intercounty players playing intermediate club and no junior