Tipperary GAA 2018


Surely U-21, minor, etc?


U21 and minor don’t really hold up much. They’re generally played in the middle of the week up until Munster Final stage


I can see both sides of the argument here.

My best wins are 2 senior divisional medals. I am extremely proud to have won them and of grateful for those who helped me win them. The jubilation that followed was brilliant throughout the parish.

However I feel the divisional system is outdated. It was created 100 years ago as a geographical solution to the lack of transport. Clubs are playing at grades inside their divisions in goldfish bowls and then being exposed when playing at çounty. Swan would be the most recent example from this year. Very competitive in the south but appeared not to try a leg in the county. 4/5 years ago there were a few West teams at the same but have been relagated since. I have a feeling there are a few North teams happy to have the status of being senior but who do not follow it up on the field. The big 3 in the mid have raised the standard there and one could argue that teams like the Church would win any other division but won’t win a mid.

My solution would take on the form of 3 competitions.

  1. A knockout divisional championship to be played and completed in April/early May. It would be open to all clubs in the division regardless of grade similar to the Cahill cup in the mid or the Crosco in the West.

There would be no link between winning your division and the county championship.

The semis/final could be delayed to the end of the year if needed.

  1. During the summer months an all county league to be played like the kerry system with promotion and relegation and not like the one at present where you are put in a division bases on where you finished in the championship the previous year. This would be run without the county players.

  2. The club championship to be run off in August onwards when the inter county games are over.

I know there are problems with my suggestions with regards to dual clubs and also to how many teams should be senior. However it gives club players a structure to their year and also gives them 3 competitions to play in.



I think we should have a rota over the next few days to tweet paudie and ask him if he’s digested it yet


No bigger issue in the GAA !


This fella is some hoop. Gives it big licks about preparation and how he has a hurley carrier with a players no.2 hurley on the side of the field that he’s occupying. Then he makes himself out to be a great lad by saying that he got in quicker himself with a replacement stick, as if he’s Usain Bolt. FFS, does this ape not realise that by doing this he’s giving a player his less-preferred hurl? What a self-serving cunt.

Well done Mick Church in binning this clown.


I think the interview was a bad idea by Hotpoint .


Great scoop by FotF Larry Ryan though.


Yes . It doesn’t get much better in sports journalism .


I’d say Hotpoint is an annoying cunt, hear him before ya see him type


A lad with a name like a Pat Shortt character cannot be taken seriously as a journalist


A local view on Hotpoint


Hotpoint was leaking


Hotpoint got drummed out


Hotpoint got rinsed


“Tipperary are endeavouring to circle the wagons and keep the camp as tight knit, as tight lipped and as close as possible”…
”Tipp will want a much more quiet approach to the coming season.”
The tight lipped and quiet bit gives it away, loose lips Hotpoint has nobody else to blame but himself


Hotpoint washing his dirty linen in public.


Is that the great Tom Ryan?


The cunt can pay his own way into matches from now on.