Tipperary GAA 2019




We’re fascinated by it.


Liam Sheedy never feared Limerick.


He got a right land with his minor team in Kilmallock in 2005.


Yeah, set Tipp hurling back years that match did. They never really got over it and did fuck all at minor level for years, Sheedy’s management career went into a tailspin after that, oh wait.


Terry Wogan or Richard Harris must have died that week


:laughing: Ah you’re seething weeks later, it’s beautiful!


Sheedy swindled this job away from Liam Cahill in a manner Darren Gleeson would be proud of.


Liam Sleazy is past it.


I’d imagine the two Liams will be reunited soon…maybe 11 months time. If not, it’ll be a year later.



The Limerick boys are shitting themselves already


Ah ffs did he burst out of the tunnel like the team does?

Wouldn’t see a calm head like Kiely do that.


It’s unrale. Barely a month after winning an All Ireland, and they’re worried about an ageing Tipp team and a manager who hasn’t been involved in inter county for 9 years.

Liam Sheedy is living inside their heads rent free


Ye couldn’t even let them have September before putting the fear of god into them.


A trip to mordor/ibrox* to face a Liam Sheedy managed Tipperary has them rattled.

*insert some other unfunny reference to Tom Semple’s Field.




We’ll be qualified by then. No bother.


If Sheedy gets a proper management team around him, which I’m sure he will…Tipp will be extremely dangerous next year.

The likes of Barrett and Bubbles need to be moved on though.

Taxi to training for Barrett could break them


The mad cunt should be told to run to training. He’s only out the road


I wish Liam all the best but I’m very worried about the voices who pushed his appointment.
Hope I’m wrong.