Tipperary GAA 2023

I’m a limo driver

The PRO got the in house vote to beat a better candidate to get elected to this role, he has added some very good features to the inter county coverage with Tipp GAA TV but he still cannot avoid going out on a limb to mess up all his work.

There isn’t exactly lads cueing up for these roles.

Bubbles is tremendous fun


If Cahill had ducks, they’d drown. I can’t remember a Tipp panel so decimated by injuries.

Waterford seemed to have a pile of injuries under Cahill too.

Probably something in that.

Can’t legislate for O’Conner colliding with the camera or a punctured lung for McGrath. Same with Barrets head.

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Its obviously Cahills fault, that and the split season.

Was the GAAGo camera. So there’s that too


Well a few of the injuries predated Cahill in fairness to him (Morgan and Heffernan, for example) whereas others were ongoing problems (Connolly and Browne). A lot have happened on the field alright. Some were just bad luck. But you did have a team that were quite unfit last year taking on a heavier load this year…

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Those absolute bastards.

Round robin always going to take its toll in year one. getting the s and c right is huge.

That’s outstanding :grinning:

Bubbles might single handedly save GAAGO yet.

Do they have any more Hurling matches to show?

The rehabilitation process to last Sunday’s disaster begins on Friday night with a Box Office Industries Challenge Match against Dublin in the capital.

The rest of the season will be defined by what happens in this prestigious fixture.

Dublin have basically been given this week off

It could end up being two fringe selections but there is a match organised.