Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


Michael Palin’s trip around North Korea on Channel 5 now, very interesting stuff.


Cora doesn’t seem to be very good at Aussie rules?


She’s turning it around :+1:


He’s a ‘national treasure’ ye know. You have to wonder about western propaganda and the possibility that there’s only one nice street in nk


I didn’t get that he was selling it as such?


Me neither, but I’d say there was a fair bit of editorial control… Based on my extensive knowledge of such matters


Offaly ‘82 documentary on RTE One now.

That jersey was/is absolutely class, one of the most iconic in the GAA ever.


Be interesting to see what team will be the subject of the program when they beat Dublin in 2020.


Offaly really were remarkable at that time, in both hurling and gaelic football.

McGee makes an interesting point about the ‘over’ population of men in their 20s due to the ESB and Bord na Mona employment.

A massive thing when dealing in minority sports.


Decent show so far .


Bishop Casey in the front row at “up for the match”.


Dun Laoghaire /Rathdown .


If it’s Tyrone the boycott will still be ongoing in 2054.


That “5 in a row” song was very catchy.

Bill O’Herlihy on there. :clap:


Nice to see Mick Dunne there.


Kerry were typically arrogant in 1982. They couldn’t keep their big mouths shut telling everybody how they already had it won.

You’d never get that sort of thing from Dublin.


Sean Lowry won a Connaught medal with mayo in 1985 .


Matt Connor was some fucking player


Nice OC-style piano based backing track on this - it really builds a sense of poignancy.