Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel



The penalty was harsh enough. I reckon Furlong must’ve saved it. Can’t wait for part 3 to find out.


Wasn’t it a car accident that put him in the chair?


A legend. He was in Frankie Goes to Hollywood as well.


Yeah. Shortly after “82 I think?


That was some penalty save, the way the ball fizzed out after the block just added to it.


Thoroughly enjoyable.
Offaly had a few smashing jerseys around that time
Interesting point from McGee about lack of migration from Offaly due to Bord Na Mons etc


That Kerry team were the greatest sporting team I ever saw. I remember my father weeping when they were bate. He fucking hated those Offaly cunts for what they done. He was never as happy when mammy bate that battleaxe from Walsh Island to win the Calor Kosangas Housewife of the Year. The only two times I ever did see the man cry.

Jaysus I miss mammy.


He hit it perfect height to be saved.


Was that Offaly side juicing lads? Mad eyes on them all


What a goal!


McGee has a lovely way with words.


That was a fantastic match to boot


No harm to see Kerry bate either.

They’ve enough won.


Offaly had won 3 Leinsters in a row and had only been beaten by Kerry outside Leinster. Mad to think they were such outsiders.


To look at him you’d say he has the potential to be an absolute cunt but he seems an allright sort


@myboyblue should be proud of Mick Dunne .


I’m guessing McGee would have been very young for an inter county manager when appointed


Furlong has 3 All Ireland’s. Still a fit man for mid 70s.


I professed my admiration for Mick many times on here


Christmas morning I think