Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead

How is there no mention of this yet.
Crime king blasted to death in city pub

THE most notorious gangland boss in the State was shot dead in a Dublin pub last night as he sat drinking with a couple of friends.

Armed robber and drug trafficker Eamon Dunne (33) was regarded as “public enemy number one” as gardai prepared files for the Director of Public Prosecutions under the new anti-gangland legislation.

His gang was included in the first three files sent to the DPP in December and Dunne was expected to face a charge of directing a criminal organisation, which carries a maximum life imprisonment sentence.

Dunne, from Dunsoghly Drive, Ratoath Road in Finglas in west Dublin, was socialising in the Fassaugh House pub at Fassaugh Avenue in Cabra when he was hit.

Eye witnesses said the gunman and an accomplice walked into the pub around 10pm, and singled out Dunne in the bar.

The gunman fired up to half a dozen shots, possibly from a 9mm handgun, and he was hit in the head. He died almost immediately.

Gardai arrived shortly and sealed off the pub. They recovered a number of shell casings on the ground beside the body.

Officers established that four men arrived in a silver coloured car outside the pub and two of them stayed outside while the gunman and his accomplice casually walked into the bar.

The gunman wore dark clothing, had a hoodie pulled over his face, and as Dunne slumped to the floor he and his accomplices jumped into the waiting car, which sped away.

Gardai said the shooting bore the hallmarks of a “contract” hit. Dunne had been among a group of 20 people celebrating a fortieth birthday party when the shooting took place.

It was discussed in the getting pissed thread alright.
Sid Waddell pulled the trigger.

This Dublin gangland thing is good craic.

It’s discussed in the ‘Murders in Ireland’ thread too.

Great entertainment. I wonder what was on the jukebox when they shot him.

If you are a gangland criminal you shouldn’t be in a pub without either yourself or one of your henchmen packing heat. I also believe he had his back to the door, rookie mistake.

He has paid the price for that kind of sloppiness.

He’ll be a fair man to bounce back from this sort of setback.

These so called Dublin King pins wouldn’t last pissing time on the Hyde Road.

[quote=“The Runt, post: 460007”]
These so called Dublin King pins wouldn’t last pissing time on the Hyde Road.
[/quote]Limericks scum would destroy Dublins
scum,no contest really! :clap:

There certainly is no arguing the fact that the level of scum in Limerick is vastly outweighs any other part of Ireland

Woah woah, lets not turn this thread about how danergous a place Dublin is into a Limerick bashing one.

There is a nobleness to the murderous mayhem served up in Limerick which you just don’t get in Dublin. There is some semblance of loyalty and kinship in Limerick, in Dublin it’s about drugs and cash nothing more. Was a Dublin crimeboss ever carted out in this sort of style?

The answer my friends is no.

carted out in style ?

their bodies should be dumped in skips and covered in quicklime, not glorified like wankers like collopy who got driven through the streets of limerick, if his body had been tied to those horses and dragged thru limerick it would have been acceptable

You’ve no sense of decorum to you. You just don’t understand.

Ah jaysus.

I’ll be addressing a few things, that need to be highlighted around here, later on today.

Anything we should be looking out for Flano?

On another note, I have had a pint in this establishment in the past, they will do well to recover from this sort of publicity.

Ah you’ll see it when you see it.

Not a good week to be a gangland criminal. Two shot dead and two seriously injured in Kildare and another two bodies found in a burnt out car. Mad bastards.

Harmless banter

Watching too much Love/Hate

IRELAND’S most notorious criminal Eamon Kelly has died after being shot three times in broad daylight while out walking.

A close friend of murdered gang boss Eamon Dunne, Kelly, who was in his 60s and known as The Godfather, was gunned down as he was walking near his home on Furry Park Road in Killester on the northside of Dublin this afternoon.

Kelly had survived a similar assassination attempt in 2010 at the same spot when the would-be killer’s gun jammed.

An armed garda patrol on anti-crime duties in the area today found Kelly lying on the ground and gave chase as the gunman attempted to flee.

Shortly afterwards, the officers pounced on a suspect in his 30s as a black Lexus car was being set alight.

The suspect is believed to be a dissident republican and an associate of the Real IRA faction on the northside.

Kelly was taken by ambulance to Beaumont hospital where he later died.

Gardai believe today’s murder is a retaliatory strike by the terror gang for Alan Ryan’s murder.

Kelly was known to be an associate of the two gang bosses suspected of organising the hit on Ryan.

Ryan was murdered in September in a daylight gun attack. He had been involved in extortion, racketeering and demanding money from drugs gangs in the city.

  • Full details on the life and times of Eamon Kelly from security editor Tom Brady and Paul Willliams in our print edition tomorrow