Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead


I know his a boxing coach and all but I don’t think he has ever seen 4 rounds.


I thought she played with the other team???


why did you think that?


Family member involved in boxing for years and was on travelling teams with her.
That was impression I got.
Never actually spoke about in any great detail just assumed on my part. Maybe wrong


God isn’t a fan of that type of thing


I see the same Ford Mustang pictured in that article is also featured in the reports from outside the gym this morning.

Is that Taylors car?


No idea.


Interesting Twitter Thread :open_mouth:


Never gave 2nd thought till today.

God wasn’t much help today


Katie is reportedly “very thad”


I had (what is usually the) misfortune to hear the first five minutes or so of Funny Friday on Liveline four days ago.

Somebody did an impression of Katie Taylor. It was really good, and actually very funny.

I still turned it off afterwards.


Hope Britzer pulls through ok :pray::pray::pray::pray:


Everytime I hear of a shooting, my first thought it always that I hope its not one of those ‘mates’ of yours who manages to find out well informed information from their jockey ‘friends’


Mates of mates and unfortunately not


Was Syl Fox on?




One of em a Messir? Another a Britt?




This seems an odd one. Was your man just in the wrong place at the wrong time while they were looking for someone else?


Reported on the news that Taylor was the intended target :scream: