Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead




Was that not obvious?


Taylor apparently jumped on the shooter when he was firing off shots and got shot in the arm.


TFK told you that about 15 minutes after the story broke


The getaway car was apparently abandoned on the Pigeon House Road, nowhere is safe now it seems, stay safe @Bandage and @Horsebox


The lady on the news suggested some sort of personal dispute Taylor was involved in.


Are you suggesting @Bandage was driving the getaway car?


The person driving the getaway vehicle then jumped onto a bike to further their escape - it was not @Bandage


Did it have an N Plate?


Do you need a drivers license to drive getaway cars?


Be handy if you meet a checkpoint :wink:


No, they got away.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug


Apparently this was Pete Taylor a few weeks before he was shot


Enforcers gotta enforce.


Not sure on this - yer man in the background is talking about himself throwing the digs, but he has a Dub accent. Didn’t Taylor still have a north of England accent?


Where that gone?


That looked like Rob Kearney.


He owes money to the guy he assaulted in that video. Scum begets scum