Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead


anyone know how Alan “fatpuss” Bradley is doing?


John is nothing but a short-arsed corrupt despicable drug-peddling low life who’s earlier forays into crime has left many lives and families in ruins.
I’d be amazed if anyone has any sympathy for the fucker.


Ah Boxty, you fell for edgy Mikes horseshit, more fool you.


Gilligan becomes somewhat redeeming when you hear all the vomit inducing guff about “heroic” Veronica Guerin.


You forgot ‘jumped up’ otherwise I agree boxty


I’d say eating and shitting his pance somewhere


Unaccustomed as I am to meaningfully coming close to any of your opinions I must confess to warming to this one but from possibly disparate factions.

Meanwhile Gilligan has no/none/zero redeeming features.


ah of course he dosent but he did provide for some minor entertainment with those smug court appearances - i probably wasnt old enough at the time to truly appreciate what happened in june 96 but you’d imagine if it happened today this board would collapse with excitement
he was a game changer in terms of crime in ireland tho and that will be his legacy aside from the obvious torment he facilitated by making heroin freely available - i wonder how he is regarded today by those who suceeded - its probably a miracle he is still alive


Classic edgy mike.


Well that explains a multitude


there was some savage incidents in june 96, I remember I was thumbing to Cork from Limerick the day Jerry McCabe was murdered, I didn’t know what had happened earlier in the day and was wondering why the cops were drving around Limerick going apeshit


Gilligan was the people’s gangster. Replaced The General in the public’s heart.


The General was a great character. They don’t make criminals like him anymore. Id say he’d be turning in his grave at the way it’s gone nowadays.


Was Finnegan’s in Annacotty going at the time?


The days of thumbing ha!


I love it when this thread is bumped.


I wouldn’t have been a regular in 1996 mate. I can tell you McDonals in Buttevant was going though. I used to stop there sometimes when i was going to Cork. I used to thumb to Cork a lot to save the price of the bus. It would get you an extra ecstasy tablet in Sir Henry’s


Kids of Detectives involved in that Gilligan trial were brought to school under guard for a while.

Did he bring a recording device of his own into an interview room.

His folly in ordering her killed led to CAB.


exactly in that way he was a gamechanger
i wouldnt say “folly” tho - i mean she was killed and the founding of CAB was probably as a result of that killing as the “nation” were shocked as an innocent woman was gunned down- whether he blundered in the organisation of it or not the founding of CAB was due to her death not the excecution (ah bollux) of the task even tho was it yer man charlie bowden turning against him sealed his fate

didnt he have a budgie smuggled in to portlaois via a woman’s vagina as well?
is Brian Meehan still locked up in there or did he get out i wonder, 22 years ago now


Meehan still in prison. Good chance he won’t be released for another 20 years. He is only 47 still.