Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead


he got life tho didnt he?
that’ll hardly go beyond 25 years


RIP Fat Freddie






Fake news.


Too late. @Tegman has already carried out a retaliatory hit.

It’s all kicking off big time now.

Prison is the safest place for Fat Frog.




was Freddie an “enforcer” or a “trusted lieutenant”?


8 page pullout on Fat Freddie in the sun today :smile:


He got 2 page spread and cover of Indo


Number 2 I’d say. And probably don’t give a shite he is going down for a while


I’d say he was more of a Frank Pentangeli than a Tom Hagan. Probably around for a bit of comic relief


Another cunt. Destroyed the neighbourhood he professed to love by bringing in drugs. No loss the bastard.


More a button man like cicci


We gave Freddie a good thumping on his way to the clink.


What’s the story with your lot in South Dublin. A few of them had to move district after getting on the wrong side of the local hoodlums. From what my source tells me they were pretty much ran out of the place.


When you’re checking the rear view mirror after pulling into your driveway, you know it’s time to talk to the super


Scandalous state of affairs. Is there anything to be done about ? Are the inmates running the asylum? I’m told the new generations of criminals are uncontrollable and dangerous as fuck and liable to do anything. Would you see this yourself?




Yerra I wouldn’t, too busy doing lads for car tax and in and out of every deli counter in the country