Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead


I’d say she has been friendly with some the gang.



A plea for followers :laughing:


That’s the way it’s gone these days. #gangland


57 clicks. Not a single like. Some Boyos.


The photo is a giant let down


I would have thought you would have followed the breadcrumbs to the social media


Dont breadcrumb me bro. See, now you’ve two likes.



Few fellas barking up the wrong tree here.


I know Zoe. She’s a lovely girl.


Is she a neighbour of yours?


Her uncle Basil owns the coffee shop / pizzeria across the road from the brothel. She’d often be in there* after her gym sessions and she even helps out on the til on occasion.

*the coffee shop, not the brothel.


We don’t enjoy other people’s misfortunes.



Her Insta pics, (assembly line model dolly bird pics) have her lauding the casa bacardi at the electric picnic. Any cunt hanging out at the casa bacardi needs a kicking.


Hey don’t say that. Eamo ‘The House’ Fennell is resident DJ.


What ever happened with that Hutch court case that got suspended? Did it ever start up again? It was only meant to be suspended for a few weeks.

Edit: Found it, still delayed pending outcome of inquiry into death of investigator.

Carry on everyone.


What’s the story there? What’s it suspected the Garda did ?


It’s suspected he shot himself. They’re pretty sure of it. Tragic.