Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead


The Hutches were very much the romantic choice. You dared to dream. Never be sorry for that.


The Hutches are playing the long game. A lot of bullets still to be fired. It’s a quality not quantity game.


Was just thinking there that yerman Matthew Macklin would be a serious notch for the hutches, if they could manage it at all.


Isn’t his full name "Matthew Macklin who is not involved in criminality "


Or mc gregor


heard from who?


The Journal have an article up about the incident last night and the top comment is “Happy Kinamas” :sweat_smile:


identified here


ah lovely - shooting in Bray
sign in @Tegman -


He was in the passenger seat but the gunman shot through the driver’s window, where there was a young woman. A fucking cunt and an idiot (the gunman).


In fairness your average hired hit man wouldn’t be the cream of society.


Some how i don’t think the gunman gave a fuck.


he was an idiot. kill or seriously harm an innocent person with the heat that would follow. he’d be a dead man himself.


that’s the way it’s gone I suppose


FFS them Muppets wouldn’t last 5 minutes across the border, little girl’s be crying for their mammies


The bullet proof vest got good use anyway


Was “Mr.Big” involved in the assassination of Vol. Alan Ryan?


There was a great story like at the time of the shooting he was on cctv in arnotts purchasing a shIrt or something




A different Mr Big I’d say.