Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead


You wouldn’t need your press card to know that Mr Spidey…


I doubt it man, ‘involved’ sure it was lads from the North that gave the go ahead?


Doubt it,I was referring to the pics of the Limerick Wannabees, having lived in Derry 29 yes , reckon I’ve good judgement ref the idiot gangster Wannabees down here


is Liam “Bop” Roe involved there as well- the fella with the tan?


Roe is drimnagh area. Mr Big on North side.


@Spidey normally has the gossip and the names fierce quick…


@TreatyStones used to give it big licks on here till @Tegman outed him as a journo


Mr Big is Coolock not Bray unless he’s been down to Brittas for his holliers


Probably stopped off on his way to courtown to take care of a bit of business. Sure its on the way.:grin:


It seems as if there are 2 Mr Bigs. Perhaps @tegman may confirm


He’ll be with you there shortly.


Bomber Kavanagh and his son arrested in Brmingham


surely an associate of James “Hatchet” Kavanagh? - his son is a boxer


I’m not sure on that because it was the Kinahans that whacked Hatchet




Didn’t one of them get clipped in Spain? Actually a nephew of his killed too in dromcondra?


Think bomber the lad arrested in England was cousins of Hatchet Kavanagh who was murdered in Spain and then a brother of Hatchet paul was murdered in drumcondra. They all fell out and bomber and kinahans murdered the two of them. Family means nothing scum cunts


Sometimes you’re better off not thinking.


Is hatchet dead?
Fuck it he was killed in marbella allrite.


I thought jaws Byrne and his son were kinahin’s main men this side
Freddie must be singing like a canary